NEW PRODUCT!! BIG BITE CHUCK SPURGrind 'n Hone (Available Dec. 20, 2009)

Oneway is pleased to introduce the Oneway Big Bite Chuck Spur. At 3-3/4 inch diameter it easily drives pieces up to 24 inches in diameter but is safely contained inside the body diameter of even our smallest chuck. It takes advantage of the holding power of the chuck making it very economical.





Grind 'n Hone

ONEWAY is pleased to introduce the new Vari-Grind 2. The new Vari-Grind 2 keeps all the flexibility of the Original Vari-Grind but adds safety and increased the ease of use

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Grind 'n Hone

Lock into the perfect grind with our newly redesigned GRIND 'N HONE Jig!! This jig is available in three configurations and has had several major improvements!

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Pen Turning Point for the Oneway Live Centre!

We recently finished production of a new point for the Oneway Live Centre (rotating cup centre). It was specifically designed for pen turners as they needed something smaller and of stronger material than the full point cone. Click here to find out more.

Gary Sanders Light Stand is now shipping!

The light stand that Gary Sanders designed and built, is now being produced by Oneway Manufacturing. Find out more about this great accessory to your lathe, or other work space in your work shop.


The 1236SD (sit down) Lathe

Swing: 12"
Between Centers: 36"
Motor: 1 HP (110V or 220V)
Spindle Height: Adjustable
Spindle Threads: 1" - 8
Headstock MT: #2
Tailstock MT: #2

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Versa-Mount™ Chuck Adaptors *NEW*

The Versa-Mount™ Chuck Adaptors are a natural extension to the Versa-Mount™ Universal Mounting System. They are designed to fit in your Oneway, Talon, or Stronghold chuck and allow you to easily switch between any lathe utilizing the Versa-Mount™ Coupling.

The real advantage of this system is realized in a classroom situation where you may have several lathes which have differing spindle threads. Switching from lathe to lathe is quick and easy!

These adaptors are used in place of the Taper-lock Adaptor.

Tailstock Swinger™

The latest addition to our large lathe accessories is the Tailstock Swinger™. This attachment allows you to swing the tailstock out of the way quickly and with very little effort.

Once you have it installed on your lathe, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Click here to find out more on this new and exciting accessory for the 2436, 2416, 2036, & 2016 lathes.


The Versa-Mount™ universal mounting system is designed to make exchanging lathe accessories simple and easy.

The key to the system is the Versa-Mount™ Coupling (pictured). This is screwed on to the spindle thread on your lathe and remains permanently mounted. Other accessories like chucks and faceplates are then mounted to the Versa-Mount™ Coupling using a twist & lock type configuration.

We currently have Faceplate Rings (see below) available to use with this system, and Chuck adaptors will be available very soon for the Oneway, Talon and Stronghold Chucks.

More on the Versa-Mount™ and the Faceplate Rings can be found here.

Versa-Mount Faceplate Rings

These faceplate rings are designed to be used with the new Versa-Mount Coupling (described above). The FACEPLATE RINGS allow you to unmount and re-mount large blanks of wood with ease. You no longer have to screw the faceplate onto the spindle which can be extremely arduous depending on the size and weight of the blank.

Simply mount the Faceplate Ring to the blank as you would a standard faceplate, then lift it onto the bed and into the mounting holes of the Versa-Mount™ Coupling. Tighten down the three Faceplate Ring screws and you're ready to go! Simple, quick and easy.

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Thread-Lok™ Ferrules

This ingenious new product will allow you to quickly and easily create your own turning tools. Start creating your own tools today!

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We now have a set of deep jaws available for the STRONGHOLD Chuck.

These jaws have roughly the same capacities as the already popular #3 Profiled Jaws. However, the added depth make them more versatile and suitable for a wider variety of turning projects.

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Multi-Media Update

The multi-media part of this website has been updated to provide faster downloads and viewing of the videos due to better compression / smaller file sizes etc.

These informative video are available FREE of charge. We currently have "HOW TO" videos for the Easy-Core Coring System and the Wolverine Grinding Jig & Accessories. We plan to add more videos as time permits.

Click here to view the Wolverine Grinding Jig "HOW TO" video. Those you on dial-up modems should click here to view the video.

Oneway Gallery: Updated December 1, 2009

New images have been added. Check it out by clicking here.

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