Oneway Chuck

Click to EnlargeThe ONEWAY chuck is operated by two levers. There are four lever holes in the body, and three holes in the scroll. This design creates a constant differential which allows one-handed tightening. Levers are made from high strength steel and will not deform or bend in use. This prevents damage to the holes in the chuck.

The following features are standard on our chucks:

  • quality materials
  • nickel plated body
  • hardened base jaws
  • manganese phosphate coated scroll


This wouldn't classify as a ONEWAY chuck if it didn't include our patented over extension prevention system for added safety.

Base Jaws

Utilising our revolutionary zigzag base jaw slide design, this base jaw design gives 50% more contact area which adds to the longer life and easier operation of the chuck.


Capacities of the Oneway Chuck with standard #2 Jaws:

Min Max
External (compression) 1-5/8" 3"
Internal (expansion) 2" 3-5/8"

Want to know what the Capacities are for accessory jaws on this Chuck? Click Here


The chuck weighs approximately 4.5 lbs (fully assembled with the No. 2 Jaws). It is considerably lighter than the Stronghold chuck (at 8 lbs) which makes it a very desirable chuck for mini and mid size lathe owners who want a power grip, lever operated chuck.


Click here to view the Talon (& Oneway) Chuck Instruction Manual in PDF Format.


The jaws of the ONEWAY Chuck are compatible with the jaws of the newer TALON Chuck. However, because of the Talon's smaller body diameter, if you use ONEWAY Chuck Jaws, there will be some areas where capacity overlap between jaw sets will not occur.

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Where are they made?

All Oneway Chucks and accessory jaws are manufactured in Stratford, Canada.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and believe in offering a superior product at a reasonable price.

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Part No.
Oneway Chuck (complete)
Body Only Package
Extra Adaptor

Package Includes

#2 Top Jaws, Taper-Lock Adaptor (packaged separately), Levers, 1½" RH Jumbo Screw, 4mm Hex Key

Body Only
Package Includes

Taper-Lock Adaptor (packaged separately), Levers, 4mm Hex Key

Body Only Package

Do you have extra jaw sets and are sick and tired of changing them?

Consider purchasing a bare bones "Body Only Package". Accessory jaws can be permanently mounted on these chucks, making changing top jaws a thing of the past.

An extra Adaptor can be purchased for €25.95

When Ordering

Please specify the adaptor thread required for your spindle or the Part No. of the Adaptor required.

Taper-Lock Adaptor

For a list of our standard Taper-Lock Adaptors, click here.


Dealers may sell the Taper-Lock Adaptor separately.