Why buy our chucks vs. our competitors?

There are numerous reasons why you should seriously consider purchasing a Oneway, Talon, or Stronghold chuck rather than purchase a cheaper (or not so cheap) competitor chuck including:

  1. Carbon steel Body with nickel plating which
    • resists rust
    • is wear resistant
    • prevents galling (metal on metal resitance)
    • body is manufactured in one continuous operation (turning, drilling, and milling) for 100% accuracy
  2. Jaw Slides are:
    • constructed from a chrome nickel steel
    • precision machined
    • hardened
    • heat treated and ground from solid using precision CNC grinder
  3. Scroll is machined and:
    • constructed from high strength alloy steel
    • utulizes precision milled teeth
    • heat treated
    • has a special heat applied surface coating for easy sliding and high wear resistance
  4. Top Jaws are constructed from carbon steel and:
    • have a precision milled 'power-curve' profile (patented)
    • guaranteed to hold better with less pressure than any competitive shape
  5. Greater capacity range compared to similar sized chucks meaning less jaw sets required.
  6. Safety Pin mechanism to prevent accidental ejection of the jaws (patented). Two slots are available - short slot to prevent extension of the jaws outside the body diameter (extremely safe, great for teaching students), or a longer slot to prevent the jaws from being over-extended and possibly flying off the chuck.
  7. The Taperlock Adaptor is:
    1. precision machined with a minimum of 3/8 wide mounting face and an accurate diameter register
    2. self-centering
    3. cheap to replace if another lathe is purchased with a different spindle thread - no need to buy a complete new chuck
    4. available for over one hundred different spindle sizes
  8. Key (Talon & Stronghold Chucks) are constructed from chrome nickel and are precision milled and heat treated.
  9. Open back design for easy cleaning and dust ejection. Simply blow it out with compressed air or dunk it in an mineral based cleaner like Varsol or Mineral Spirits.
  10. Operating Levers (Oneway Chuck) are made from high strength steel to prevent bending.
  11. Chuck Keys (Stronghold & Talon) are:
    1. made from chrome nickel steel
    2. precision machined
    3. heat treated for increased strength
    4. coated to minimise friction

Where are they made?

All Oneway Chucks and accessory jaws are manufactured in Stratford, Canada.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and believe in offering a superior product at a reasonable price.