grind 'n hone Jig

The NEW Grind 'n Hone Jig is an excellent component of the ONEWAY WOLVERINE line of grinding products.

ONEWAY Manufacturing is pleased to announce that our Grind ‘n Hone jig has been re-designed with several major improvements. Woodworkers can enjoy simple, accurate grinding and honing. Your chisels and plane blades will have the sharpest, most uniform edges you’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. In mere minutes!

The jig is now available in more configurations allowing greater customization to your needs. The 2 major improvements to this popular jig include self-centering jaw grips and an added engraved scale for angle repeatability. Other improvements such as a beefier arm, a wider U-bracket allowing you to sharpen wider tools, and a smoother roller system all make this jig even easier and more satisfying to use.

This package is for the woodworker that wishes to quickly grind and hone their flat tools and whom does not already own a Wolverine Grinding Jig.

Package includes Part# 3738, mounting bracket Part# 3570
Grinding Jig Base Part# 2795 and instructional DVD


This package is for the woodworker that already owns a Wolverine Grinding Jig and wishes to quickly grind their flat tools and then with a few quick strokes, finish the sharpening on a honing stone.

Package includes Part # 3865, mounting bracket Part # 3570 and instructional DVD

This jig can be used as a stand alone jig and is for the woodworker who enjoys honing their tools and doesn’t wish to grind their blades first.

Package includes Part # 3738 and instructional DVD




Part No.
Grind 'n Hone

Honing Jig & Support Arm

Honing Jig

Optional Accessories
Skew Jig
Dressing Jig
Flat Tool Honing Jig 3601