Introduction to Sharpening

Since ONEWAY's establishment, designers have devoted much time to the research and development of products that allow woodturners to more easily sharpen and maintain their tools.

Professional turners have two distinct advantages over the hobbyist turner when it comes to sharpening tools:

  • Professional turners have a lot more experience at the grinder, so are more qualified to sharpen tools.
  • Professional turners have more experience at the lathe, so they are better equipped to handle tools which behave differently. If they don't get exactly the same shape on their tool after they grind it, they can easily compensate, while the hobbyist may have more troubles from their tools if they don't behave in a predictable fashion.

ONEWAY has a simple four step program to make your grinder work more efficeintly and your tools look and behave the way they should.


Select wheels with the proper bond, grit and structure for your applications. The first secret to fast, efficient tool sharpening is choosing the correct wheels. ONEWAY's wheels have been selected to meet the needs of wood turners.


Balance your wheels to eliminate vibration. Vibration will cause poor finishes on your tools and eventually destroy the bearings and housings on your grinder.

Balanced wheels will last longer, give better finishes and are easier to use. Tame your wheels with our Precision Balancing System.

ONEWAY has devoted a lot of energy to help you make your bench grinder run smooth and quiet.


For best results, you must have the ability to dress your wheels with a system capable of removing 0.001" per dressing pass with good control and consistency. ONEWAY's Dressing attachment allows wheels to be dressed with a supported and adjustable diamond dresser. An accurately dressed wheel will grind cooler, last longer and give better finishes on tools. The ONEWAY Dressing Attachment is the only one which will fulfill all of these requirements at a low cost. A proper diamond dresser will save money and give better performance.


A grinding fixture or means to present your tools to the wheel at the proper angle is essential. The ONEWAY WOLVERINE Grinding System will grind gouges, scrapers, skews, carving tools and regular chisels. This system will achieve repeatable geometry with minimal grinding wheel and tool wear.


ONEWAY's Grinding System creates very little dust through wheel wear. It is our belief, proven by research, that a standard ½ to 1 horse power bench or pedestal grinder with balanced and dressed eight (8) inch aluminum oxide wheels is the fastest and most economical way to achieve absolutely superb cutting edges.

Sharpening tools is a skill which takes many hours of practice. If a professional turner doesn't use a grinding jig doesn't mean it can't be an invaluable asset to the hobbyist.

Anyone including professionals can (and will) benefit from a good grinding jig.

" to a solid lathe and a good set of tools, the Wolverine Grinding Jig by Oneway is the best investment an amateur or occasional turner can make."

WOOD Magazine
November 2003, Issue 152

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Customer Feedback

I am a cabinet maker for a commercial shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I turn wood at home, just for fun.  I have wanted to buy a sharpening jig set-up for my turning tools.  I had quite a few choices!  I was visiting your web site and discovered the instructional video downloads of the Wolverine.  I watched the down loaded videos and was so impressed with the sharpening system, I bought a Wolverine Grinding Jig and a Vari-Grind. That was last weekend.  I liked the quality construction of all the components.  I have not had time to set up the Wolverine on my grinder yet, but, I was so impressed with your product, still in the box, that today I went out and bought a Talon chuck!  I was planning on mail-ordering a VicMarc VL100... but, after seeing the quality of the Wolverine and Vari-Grind, I knew your chucks would perform as advertised.  I have used the Talon for a few hours this afternoon and love it.  I will definately buy other Oneway products. I felt inspired to write this email because, it was the video downloads about using the Wolverine that started this chain of events.

Thank you for the quality products.

Bill Doherty
7741 Kelley Court Raleigh,
North Carolina

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