Wolverine Precision Balancing System

Drastically reduce grinder vibration with our Precision Balancing System. Your grinding wheels can now be accurately balanced in your own workshop!

If you've been looking for a fast and effective way to balance your grinding wheels, look no further.

Easy to setup and use, our new balancing system will quickly and easily allow you to balance your grinding wheels for life.

ONEWAY's balancing operation compensates for:

  • out of round wheels
  • wheel density
  • thickness side to side variation of the wheel

Grinding wheels are sensitive to vibration due to their mass and speed. The faster your grinder, the more necessary it is to use balanced wheels.

Unbalanced grinding wheels are NOT something you want on your grinder for several reasons:

  • inferior finishes on the tools that are being ground
  • harm the bearings and bearing housings of the machine
  • grinder may move
  • wheels will not last very long due to excess material being removed thru the dressing and/or grinding process

Unfortunately, bench or pedestal grinders do not come equipped with a means to balance wheels.

Our Precision Balancing System will provide the following benefits:

  • wheels, bearings, and bearing housings will last longer
  • your machine will make less noise
  • finishes on your tools and projects will be improved with less effort

Balanced wheels will give better grinding performance. Once completed, rebalancing should not be necessary for the life of the wheels. You will get better grinding performance needed to get sharp tools for better finishes on your turning projects.

Our system is supplied with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to balance TWO grinding wheels with a 1" THRU-HOLE.


1/2" Precision Balance System
5/8" Precision Balance System
3/4" Precision Balance System

Package Includes

  • Right Hand Flange (1)
  • Left Hand Flange (1)
  • Balancing Fixture Base (1)
  • Spacer Washers (2)
  • Balancing Nuts, Washers, & Screws
  • Instructions

Independant Reviews

Oneway Precision Balancing System - Fixing a problem you may not know about.
by Tom Hintz

Instruction Manual

Click here to view the Wolverine Precision Balancing System Instruction Manual in PDF format.

If your looking for the Instructions for the original (old style) balance system, click here.

Instructional Videos!

If you own (or just interested in) the Vari-Grind Attachment, Wolverine Grinding Jig, Skew Jig, or Dressing Jig and would like to see how they work and what tools can be sharpened using these jigs, then feel free to download the videos here.

These videos use the RealOne Media Player which is FREE and can be downloaded here.