2436, 2416, 2036, 2016 Lathe Accessories

Tailstock Swinger mounted on the 2436 LatheTailstock Swinger™

You may have seen or heard about the new Tailstock Swinger that everyone is talking about.

Well. Here it is.

No longer do you have to try and muscle the heavy tailstock on and off your lathe. Simply slide the tailstock onto the Swinger™ and lock it out of the way. It couldn't be any easier.

Simple. Quick. Easy.

Solid Construction

Solidly constructed using 3/8" steel plate and powder painted for protection, the Swinger™ will last a lifetime.

The Bedways on the swinger are 9" long and precision ground which allows the tailstock to glide smoothly when moving it between the lathe and the Swinger™ and vice versa.


The Swinger requires alignment with the bedways, which is performed once during installation. Alignment instructions are provided with the Swinger™.

Will the Swinger™ attach to the Multi-Purpose Extension?

No. The multi-purpose extension (a.k.a. 17" extension) utilizes only half a tube and therefore doesn't have any holes to support the Swinger™.

Part No. 3598

Stainless Steel Bedways

A very nice customization option for our large lathes is stainless steel bedways. Whether you live by the sea, in a tropical part of the world, or simply turn a lot of wet and/or caustic wood - this is an option you should seriously consider.

The stainless steel will not rust which means less time spent cleaning and more time turning.

Part No. 2387SS

2. Magnets will not adhere to stainless steel.

Outboard Attachments

Most wood turners never use the outboard of their lathe because they would have to buy LH threaded attachments and learn to turn opposite to what they are accustomed to on the inboard side; and lets face it, most of us have enough problems learning to turn one way (no pun intended). ONEWAY solved this problem by threading the outboard spindle RH and providing a motor with reversing capabilities. Outboard attachments for ONEWAY Lathes make these lathes true bowl turning lathes, not light duty attachments.

17" Bed Extension / Outboard Attachment

Available is a 17" bed extension which may be bolted onto either end of all ONEWAY Large Lathes. At the inboard end, it extends maximum turning length by 17".

Used on the outboard end, it transforms your lathe into a full function short bed machine. Note: Inboard and outboard swing with this attachment is the same.

Part No. 2455

Large Outboard Attachment & Tailstock Riser Block

For large capacity turning, a large outboard attachment can be bolted to the outboard end of these lathes with 10 bolts. Turning capacity for our 2036 & 2016 model machines is: up to 44" diameter bowls or platters and allows 36" turning over our patented big banjo.

Turning capacity for ONEWAY 24" swing model machines is: up to 48" diameter bowls or platters and allows 40" turning over the big banjo.

This beautifully designed outboard eliminates the need for often dangerous and wobbly floor stands. It can also be purchased to be used with other lathes, but in that case, it must be firmly bolted to a heavy concrete or sand filled box of adequate proportion.

Part No. 2513A

Tailstock Riser Block

We now have a tailstock riser block to enable outboard turning with the Tailstock. This option lets you turn between centers on the outboard side of the lathe (when used in conjuction with the Large Outboard Attachment (pictured above)) for increased safety and peace of mind. Find out more on this accessory by clicking here.

Tailstock Riser Block

60" Bed Extension

A long bed extension is available which is 60 inches in length. The design of this extension is the same as the bed of the lathe itself. It is stress relieved and precision machined. Turning between centers with this extension effectively increases the capacity by 60". The extension bolts on to the end of the lathe with four bolts and comes with a leg for support.

Note: Please specify the spindle height of your machine (or the height of the legs) so we can supply the correct height leg with the extension.

Weight is approximately 350 lbs.

Part No. 2543

Optional Leg Heights 

We want you to be as confortable as possible when turning on your Oneway lathe. Therefore, optional sets of legs are available so the height of the spindle from the floor can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The standard spindle height of ONEWAY the 2436 Lathe is 46" off the ground.

There are three other sets of legs which make the height of the spindle:

  • 20" Swing Models: 41", 42", 44" (standard), 46"
  • 24" Swing Models: 43", 44", 46" (standard) , 48"

Braking Resistor

A breaking resistor helps the lathe stop big pieces quickly. This is recommended for production turners, and people who start and stop the lathe frequently.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you give this option some serious consideration before placing you order as it is factory installed. It can be added later but at considerable expense as the drive (inverter) requires replacing.

More detailed information on this option can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section, or by clicking here.

Breaking Resistor for 1½ HP, 2 HP, and 3 HP Lathes
Part No. 3046

Handwheel Hub

Turn yourself a nice custom handwheel and attach it to this hub with screws. The hub is constructed from a solid piece of aluminum and is 3" in diameter.

Part No. 2802

Steering WheelWheel Sets

If you have a requirement to move your lathe a lot, then this Wheel Set is a must. Schools find this option perticularly useful as lathes are constantly being moved around, . The Wheels are solidly constructed and come with three rubber wheels making it easy to move the lathe over loose ground like gravel or other uneven surfaces.

What's Included?

The two smaller wheel assemblies fit on either side of the larger wide leg (at the headstock end of the lathe), whereas the steering wheel fits on the tailstock end of the lathe. A pry bar is also included which is used to lift the lathe in order to attach the wheels.

Part No. 2791

M33 x 3.5 Spindle Extender

Sometimes you need to get in behind the piece being turned. It is in this situation the spindle extender is extremely useful. It effectively extends the spindle 3" further out from the headstock.

These are only available for our M33 x 3.5 threaded spindles.

Part No. 3069

96 Position indexing

All our large lathes come standard with 48 position indexing which allows you to lock the spindle at every 7.5 degrees. Sometimes you may want to be able to have a finer increment for your indexed turnings. To this end we offer 96 position indexing which allows spindle locking every 3.75 degrees!

Note: This option is not available on any of our other lathes.

Part No. 2946

Extra Banjo (Toolrest Base)

There are certain situations when it is very desirable to have an extra banjo at your disposal. A couple of examples are:

  • outboard turning - no need to move it from the inboard side
  • support for extremely long toolrests which allow you to make one continuous cut

The construction is exactly the same as the banjo that comes with the lathe.

Upgrade your old lathe

These toolrest bases can be purchased to upgrade your non-oneway lathe's toolrest base. If you are generally happy with your lathe but find your current toolrest base moving while turning or not solidly clamping to the bed, this could be a good option for you.

Rather than buy a whole new lathe, just upgrade the toolrest base! Click here for more information.

What sizes are available?

We offer these banjo's in two (2) different sizes:

20" Banjo - Part No. 2407
For 20" swing lathes including our 2016 and 2036 Lathes

24" Banjo - Part No. 2683A
For 24" swing lathes including our 2416 and 2436 Lathes or the 24" Outboard Attachment on the 1640 Lathe.

Note: A toolrest is NOT included with this accessory.

Remote Start / Stop

A remote START / STOP control is an available accessory. This option is especially convenient when turning outboard or on a large bed extension. It is wired into the control box and can be attached anywhere on the lathe with its magnetized control box. It is an option on all Oneway's lathes.

Part No. 2787

Spindle Adaptor

ONEWAY offers special adaptors to convert your M33x3.5 thread to fit your existing tooling if required. These adaptors are available for most standard machines.

Spindle Adaptors

The following Spindle Adaptors are currently available:

Adapted To
Part Number
¾" - 16 tpi RH
1 - 8 tpi RH
1 - 12 tpi RH
1-1/8 - 7 tpi RH
1-1/8 - 8 tpi RH
1-1/8 - 8 tpi LH
1-1/4 - 8 tpi RH
1-1/2 - 6 tpi RH
1-1/2 - 8 tpi RH
M30 x 3.5 RH

RFI Filter

An RFI Filter installed in the lathe will help minimize the AM (and some television antennae reception) interference. It can be factory installed or customer installed as an after-market item.

Download the Installation Instructions for the RFI Filter from our Instructions Page or click here. The instructions are in PDF Format and require Adobe Acrobat.

Part No. 2748

2436, 2416, 2036, 2416 Accessories

Customization Options

The following options are either difficult to install, a very expensive upgrade, or not available after the lathe is built. Therefore each should given serious consideration and if desired, ordered with the lathe.

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