Non-Oneway Lathe Upgrade Options

Upgrade you old toolrest base to the strongest and smoothest toolrest base design on the market today.

It has been brought to our attention that some older lathes, although loved and cherished, may have some defficiences. This may be attributed to technological advances or just poor workmanship.

It is well known that the clamping mechanism on our toolrest base (Banjo) is the best on the market. The revolutionary patented design allows for powerful, non-slip clamping over the entire range of positions. No matter where you clamp the toolrest on the bed, it will never slip or slide.

Because the toolrest base is such an integral part of the lathe, we have made our bases available to anyone interested in upgrading their current base to one of ours.

We currently offer these banjo's in five (5) different sizes:

10" Banjo - Part No. M0047
For 10" swing lathes

12" Banjo - Part No. M0185
For 12" swing lathes including our 1224 lathe

16" Banjo - Part No. H0082
For 16 " swing lathes including our 1640 Lathe

20" Banjo - Part No. 2407
For 20" swing lathes including our 2016 and 2036 Lathes

24" Banjo - Part No. 2683A
For 24" swing lathes including our 2416 and 2436 Lathes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please specify the BED GAP (distance between the bedways) of the lathe the toolrest base will operate on.