Accessories for the 1224 Lathe

We offer a few popular optional accessories for the 1224 Lathe. These accessories vary in their function, but are all designed to make your time at the lathe a more pleasurable experience.

24" Mini Bed Extension

There has been a lot of demand for an extension bed for the 1224 Lathe, so we made one. It is 24" in length, which when attached to the lathe allows you to turn up to 48" on the 1224. A common application for this extension is turning chair parts.

1224 - 24" Mini Bed Extension
Part No. M0221

Remote Start / Stop

A Remote Start/Stop control is an available accessory for our complete range of Lathes. It can be factory installed when ordering, or customer installed as an after-market option.

This remote is especially convenient when turning outboard. It is wired into the control box and can be attached anywhere on the lathe using the magnet attached to the remote housing.

Part No. 2787

RFI Filter

An RFI Filter installed in the lathe will help minimize the AM (and some television antennae reception) interference. It can be factory installed or customer installed as an after-market item.

Download the Installation Instructions for the RFI Filter from our Instructions Page or click here. The instructions are in PDF Format and require Adobe Acrobat.

RFI Filter Part No. 2748

1224 Accessories

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Fluted Butternut Bowl
by Al Stirt