Easy-Core Coring System

Coring doesn't have to be a scary, unnerving experience anymore.

The Oneway Easy-Core Coring System utilizes a unique method of supporting the cutting arm during the coring process to make coring an enjoyable and effortless experience for even the novice turner.


Many times have woodturners asked us how coring will benefit them as a turner. Evertime we have just one answer: SAVINGS!

Coring (vs hollowing) will save you time, save your energy, save your tools, save your wood, and can save on a huge amount of clean-up!

All these things ultimately SAVE YOU MONEY!

Advantages of Coring

1. Saves you Time

Coring is a very time effective mothod to make a bowl. It is far quicker than hollowing.

2. Saves your Energy

You are not only done faster, but it is also less physically demanding.

3. Saves your Tools

Hollowing out a large bowl can take a large tole on your tools and grinding wheels. Depending on the wood, and the size of the bowl blank, tools can quickly become dull and require constant sharpening. Coring does require the cutter to be sharpened regularly, but the amount of sharpening required per bowl is drastically reduced.

Relatively, the cutter is extremely cheap to replace compared to purchasing new tools and grinding wheels.

4. Saves your Wood

Whether your using a small piece of expensive wood or a log from the wood pile, coring will save your wood. Being able to get several bowls out of one piece is a bowl turners dream come true.

5. Saves you Clean-up Duty

Hollowing a large bowl can produce a staggering amount of shavings and chips. Garbage bags can quickly be filled creating a problem with what to do with the waste. The rapid accumulation of chips on a shop floor can cause a myriad of hazards, often making it necessary to stop and clean up several times before the job is done.

What makes the Easy-Core Coring System different from it's competitors?

With the Easy Core Coring System you will be able to achieve the following:

  • Virtually no vibration. The knife in the Oneway Easy-Core rides on a curved toolrest that is moved progressively into the groove as coring progresses.
  • With the Easy Core, because the knife is totally restrained you can quickly and easily clear chips as often as required.
  • No catches! The cutter has a very negative nose and a slightly positive top preventing the tool from being pulled into the wood and eliminated the catches.
  • More bowls from the same blank than traditional coring systems.

With this coring system, amateur woodturners can now core bowls like a professional.

The Coring System in Action

Here the core has just been started. The support blade is inserted into the cut, and the knife is retracted.

Here is the finished core. The blade and knife are shown in position when the core was removed.

The Easy Core system has four knives and four curved toolrests (both pictured below), the largest giving (at most) an 18 inch core. Progressively smaller cores can be removed using all the knives. This system will fit any lathe with a flat bed, and a 16 inch swing up to a lathe with a 26 inch swing.

Please note that each knife will cut a size range of about 2 inches larger or smaller than the listed size. The curve of the knife is fixed but not the position it can be applied. 

Each knife is supplied with replaceable and sharpenable HSS CPM M4 cutter (as shown below). This is the same steel we use in our mastercut turning tools and will give excellent cutter life.

For More Information...

If you are interested in more detailed information regarding the design and R&D that we underwent to obtain the Easy-Core Coring System, then click here.

Instructional Video

Download the Easy-Core Instructional Videos directly from our website!

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What's Available?

We currently offer two different catagories of coring system:

Large Coring Systems

These coring systems come in three sizes: 16", 20" & 24".

Click here to visit the 16", 20" & 24" Easy-Core page

Click here for pricing and more detailed information on our 16", 20"& 24" systems.

Mini Coring Systems

We offer two different sizes within this category: 10" & 12" Easy-Core Coring Systems.

Click here to visit the Mini Easy-Core page

Click here to check them out.

Customer Endorsements

We received the following e-mail from a professional turner in Ireland:

Dear Sir,

I am just writing to you to complement you on your fantastic bowl coring system. I have been using it since November last year and have saved so much wood and money since I have started to use it. It is so easy to use and safe and best of all predictable unlike every other system I have tried. I also save so much time as I turn about 1200 salad bowls a year and this amounts to a lot of shavings. I am a professional turner in Ireland and I have been praising your tools to all that come my way.

Congratulations on an excellent product.

Regards, Glenn Lucas

Suspended Bowl
by Glenn Lucas