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We currently have two Instructional Videos available on our products. They are:

Brief Synopsis of the Easy-Core Coring System Video

The Easy-Core Video is an instructional video on how to use the system. The video covers:

  • setup
  • core layout
  • coring
  • sharpening the cutter
  • finish turning the bowls

The system is demonstrated by David Lancaster, a professional bowl turner from Maine ( During the video he provides insights on his method for turning bowls.

Wolverine Grinding Jig & Accessories

If you own or are interested in the Wolverine Grinding Jig (and accessories), this Video is for you.  This video could also be a great addition to your woodturning clubs library. For a FREE copy, please fill out the form below.

Note: Due to administration costs, we will only provide a free copy of this VCD to a shipping address within Europe.

Brief Synopsis of the Video
The Wolverine Grinding Jig Video is an instructional video on how use the following Wolverine jigs:

  1. Wolverine Grinding Jig - Tools ground with the basic jig include: traditional bowl gouge, roughing gouge, skew, parting tool, and a scraper. This the basic jig which includes two bases, a sliding arm and a platform. This Jig is required in order to use the attachments listed below. 

  2. Vari-Grind Attachment - Specifically designed to sharpen the ever popular side ground bowl gouges (Ellsworth or Irish grind) and fingernail spindle gouges. Both these gouges are covered in the video.

  3. Skew Grinding Attachment - This jig is specifically design for grinding skew chisels.

  4. Wolverine Dressing Jig - Wheels are cutting tools also and require sharpening just like turning tools. Kevin shows you how quickly and easily you can dress your grinding wheels using our Jig.

The Wolverine Grinding Jig and Accessories are demonstrated by Kevin Clay.

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Easy-Core Coring System Wolverine Grinding Jig & Accessories

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If you or your Woodturning Club would like a FREE copy of our Easy-Core Coring System Video (MPEG or Video CD Format), or the Wolverine Grinding Jig & Accessories Video, please fill out the form below.

The videos will be mailed to you via Canada Post.

Note: Due to administration costs, we will only provide a free copy of this VCD to a shipping address within either CANADA or the USA.

Only one request per person or club please.

Video CD vs MPEG

Video CD: This VCD will play in DVD Players (home theater & computer players) that have the ability to play DVD-R or DVD-RW media.

MPEG: The MPEG version can be played on most computers that have a CD or DVD player, Sound Card, and playing software installed i.e. Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, Sonic CinePlayer, or PCFriendly DVD (to name a few or the more popular ones).

Things you should know

  1. The MPEG version will play on some DVD players that support the MPEG format.
  2. If you are using a computer, make sure you have a sound card installed and operational.
  3. The video is in NTSC format and will not play in some countries. Please ensure your player supports this format before placing your request.