Collet Jaws

Collet jaws are designed to fit specific diameters. Our Collet jaws are designed for those turners making bottle stoppers and other components made from turned-to-size round stock, such as dowels.

These Collet jaws are safe, cause little or no wood damage and hold better than most other jaws.

Constructed from a sold block of aluminum, the pads will not rust or corrode. The Master Jaws are of steel construction and coated with manganese phosphate for protection.


These Collet Jaws will only fit the Oneway STRONGHOLD Chuck.

Available Sizes

Collet Pads come in five different sizes - ½", ¾", 1", 1¼", & 1½".


The complete set (master jaws + 5 sets of pads) weighs approximately 4 lbs.

Jaw Capacities

The capacities of each of the pads in the master jaws are given below:



The Collet jaws and pads can be purchased individually or as a set.

Part No.
Price (€)

Complete Collet Set
Master Collet Jaws
1/2" Pads
3/4" Pads
1" Pads
1-1/4" Pads
1-1/2" Pads

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There are several optional jaw sets available for the STRONGHOLD, ONEWAY and TALON chucks.

All our jaws were designed to enable the woodturner to take on projects which may require a smaller or larger capacity than what the standard #2 jaws can handle. For turners who work either small or large, or who want to be able to finish the back side of their work, the following jaw sets are assets to consider:

Due to popular request, all our profiled jaws are now available in a smooth (or dovetail) configuration.