Turning Tools and Handles

We manufacture our own line of turning tools and handles. These tools and handles have been designed specifically for the woodturner. Constructed from high quality materials, our tools and handles will not disappoint.

We currently manufacture the following tools, tool handles, and tool handle accessories:

  • Thread-Lok™ Tool Handle Ferrules (NEW)
    With this exciting line of new products you can quickly and easily create your own stylish turning tools!
  • MASTERCUT Turning Tools
    The MASTERCUT Turning Tools are our PREMIUM turning tools for the turner who is willing to pay a little more for the BEST. These tools will give you a superb edge that will last longer & grind cooler than more common M2 HSS tools.
  • SURE-GRIP Tool Handles
    Originally inspired by Michael Hosaluk, these tool handles are solidly constructed, with two different sizes available. Coupled with our MASTERCUT Turning Tools, these handles create a comfortable, well balanced, turning tool.
  • The Termite
    Specifically designed for END GRAIN HOLLOWING, this ring tool will give you an amazing finish EVERYTIME.
  • Hallamshire Turning Tools
    A good selection of shapes and sizes are available in this line of turning tools. Constructed from M2 HSS, these tools are an excellent option for the turner looking for tools providing VALUE FOR MONEY!

Quicklinks: Tools & Handles
» Mastercut Tools » Handles
» Termite (end grain hollowing tool)
» Hallamshire Turning Tools
» Thread-Lok™ Ferrules

All our tools and handles are designed and/or selected for the needs and desires of today's woodturner.

Whether you want to create your own set of tools using the Thread-Lok™ Tool Handle Ferrules or purchase ready made tools and handles, we have everything you need for all your turning projects!

We offer a selection of PREMIUM tools with the MASTERCUT line. These tools coupled with a SURE-GRIP handle create a well balanced tool that feels good and holds an amazing edge.

Our VALUE line of Hallamshire tools offer a great range of shapes and sizes.

We also have a ring tool for deep hollowing. We call this tool the Termite.