Hallamshire Tools

A Wide range of high quality HSS turning tools at an amazing price!

Over the last year or so we have been searching for a supplier of high quality tools suitable for woodturning. They had to be constructed from high speed steel and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We finally managed to find a supplier out of Sheffield, England - where some of the finest steel in the world is made.

Steel & Flute Design

These tools are competitively priced and offer the durability of M2 HSS. A high quality finish allows chips to slide easily through the flute which is very important when turning.

Handle Construction

Every tool is supplied with a well shaped ash handle and fitted with a brass ferrel.

A variety of shapes and sizes gives the advantage of being able to outfit yourself with tools specific to your personal turning needs and style.

Roughing Gouges

Recommended for the initial turning of square stock to round. The shape of the roughing gouge enables the tool to cut safely with the wings (the name given to the tips of the side walls) well back from the workpiece.

Bowl Gouges

A must in the tool kit of every bowl turner. These tools have both mass and stability. They are ideal for making bowls. They can produce either massive profiling cuts, or extremely delicate cuts as neccessary.

Side Grind

This popular shape (with the swept back sides) is supurb for rapid hollowing or shaping the outside of a bowl. Once you learn how to use it, it will quickly become one of your favorite grinds. This grind can be easily achieved using the Vari-Grind Attachment with the Wolverine Grinding Jig.

Spindle Gouges

These are detailing tools used on between-centre work, where the grain is running parallel to the bed bars.They are used to create coves, beads and other similar profiles.

Fingernail Grind

A popular shape for this gouge is the fingernail grind. This grind is ideal for detailing on spindle work. Having the swept back sides reduces the danger of catches when working in confined areas.


Round Nose Scraper

Used on bowls and spindle work to create smooth flowing curves e.g. goblets, egg cups, and inside boxes.

Round Side Scraper

Designed for blending the parallel side wall and the curved bottom of vessels together. It is excellent for undercutting the rim of a bowl.

Diamond Side Scraper

Used on square bottomed boxes, the end profile allows the tool to create a right angled juncture between side wall and bottom. The angle at the end prevents the tool from cutting the side wall and the bottom at the same time.

Square End Scraper

For finishing convex and flat bottomed forms. The end profile can be modified to a specific shape as required.

Parting Tools

Used to part the finished project off from the waste material, the parrellel sides make for a rigid tool that handles well. Thinner tools reduce the amount of waste, vital if the timber is expensive or exotic. It also makes for a fine detailing tool, e.g. beads and fillets.

Diamond Shape

The special profile of this tool reduces the risk of binding in the cut. It also reduces the amount of heat build up caused by friction, thereby lessening the chance of burning the bottom of the parted project.


Skew chisels are used for fine finishing of spindles. A sharp, correctly used skew, will give an amazing finish to your work.

Oval Skew

The profile allows the tool to glide effortlessly along the tool rest without fear of the edges dragging on the rest. They will smooth cylinders, clean the end grain of spindles, cut shallow curves, beads, pummels and v-cuts, eg stair ballustrading and chair legs.

These tools are indispensible if a fine finish is required from the tool.

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These tools can be categorized into the following shapes:


The prices provided below are in Euros.

Part No.
Roughing Gouges
¾" Roughing Gouge
1½" Roughing Gouge
Bowl Gouges
¼" Bowl Gouge
3/8" Bowl Gouge
½" Bowl Gouge
Spindle Gouges
¼" Spindle Gouge
3/8" Spindle Gouge
½" Spindle Gouge
½" Round Nose Scraper
1" Round Nose Scraper
1½" Heavy Duty Round Nose Scraper
¾" Round Side Scraper
¾ Diamond Side Scraper
¾" square End Scraper
Parting Tools
½" x 1/8" Parting Tool
¾" x 1/8" Parting Tool
¾" Diamond Parting Tool
Skew Chisels
½" Skew Chisel
1" Skew Chisel
¾ Oval Skew Chisel