FAQ: Lathe Packaging & Delivery


Q. How is my lathe packaged and what can I expect from the person delivering my lathe?

A. I see there is a bit of confusion on how the lathe arrives and how it's packaged.


Originally we used to crate our lathes with the headstock, tailstock and banjo removed off the bed. We did this to save room and for more stability. However, around the middle of 2003 we started shipping the lathes fully assembled using a re-enforced cardboard cover for protection. This is what we use currently. It does not matter who you purchased the lathe from, the packaging is the same.


There are two options for deliveries:

1. Terminal
The first option is to pick the lathe up from a terminal. This is usually a cheaper option, but means you have to collect the lathe and then get it into your shop.

2. Home

Home delivery is the second option. This is usually more expensive. What this means is the driver will drop the lathe at the end of your driveway. Sometimes the driver will back up to your house, but this is not guaranteed. It has been reported that a driver actually assisted in getting a lathe into a workshop, but this is very rare and probably required some form of enticement. ;-)

I hope this clears up any delivery issues or confusion there may have been.

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